Puppy Training.
I will come and work with your puppy from 8 weeks of age. At this stage I offer advice on house training, getting used to the collar and lead, puppy biting, jumping up, walking on lead, basic sit and stay, how to build your relationship through play, accepting being groomed, basic recall and what to do if they are frightened by something. All this is done in your house and garden until your puppy has had all its injections. I can also offer advice on training with the whistle, using a clicker, puppy and children and anything else you want to know.
Once your puppy is ready to go out, I continue to look at the above but in different environments while out on their walk. I also look at socialising politely with dogs and people, impulse control, leave it command, longer stays, down, basic retrieve, and recall, building to being off lead. 
If you are a multi dog household I can also offer advice and help on how to train all your dogs while out. 
£75 for 3 one hour sessions (pay for 2 and get 3rd half price) this package needs to be used 12 weeks from the first session. Or £30 per 1 hour session.    
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