Aggression Towards Other Dogs
I am at present studying to be a CBATI which is Certified Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor. This is a reward based programme devised by Grisha Stewart, if you go to her website or look for BAT training on Youtube there is a lot of information about this technique. I also use some techniques by Brenda Aloff another internationally renown trainer in dog aggression.
I do an initial assessment which usually lasts 1 hr 30mins at a cost of £60. Then depending on your dogs needs I will do 1 hour sessions at £40 per session. The number of sessions needed will depend on your dogs needs and your willingness to practice the necessary techniques. I cannot promise to be able to solve all your dogs problems, but I can give you the necessary tools to cope with any issues that arise, and improve your dogs ability to cope around other dogs. 
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